HiFive Meets Phillippe ,CEO of Monsieur F

By | Dec 08,2016

In our first Edition of HiFive, we took a ride downtown to meet Monsieur Phillippe,a French Expat based in Hefei and the Man behind the unique chocolate Brand Monsieur F

Our interview started with a brief tour of the magnificent chocolate boutique ,then a taste of each chocolate on display and finally a bite of some scrumptious breads accompanied by a cup of coffee .At a glance our team was amazed,most particularly by the uniqueness in the taste of each chocolate type.At one point,Mark,a fellow team member commented "I m not a big fan of chocolate but with these flavors none can resist.

Located in a sparsely populated district in the east of Hefei ,we were surprised at the number of customers who walked in and out of the shop seeking to quench their burning desires for Monsieur F(thats the chocoloate).We quickly joined the queue and without any second thought handed an above satisfactory review.It was then time for the Interview proper

HiFive:Great place you have here,whats the whole concept about?

M.Philippe:My idea is to create something different ,not found in China in terms of taste ,feelings and flavor

HiFive:How did the idea come about?

M.Phillippe:I have always had the dream of coming up with a unique chocolate flavor.I learned about chocolates for three years while living in France and gained a lot of experience during this time

HiFive:Why did you choose to locate your Business in Hefei?

M.Phillippe:My wife is a local ,so I moved here in 2002.I find the Hefei weather quite a standard for chocolate manufacturing ,its often dry and humid.Even when it's cold ,there is a strong wind that creates a humid atmosphere.Also Hefei currently enjoys a central position giving us an easy transportation access to market hubs like Shanghai and Nanjing

HiFive:Tell us about the different chocolate flavours you got on display?

M.Phillippe:Basically there are three flavors . white,milk and dark.Each of these comes in diverse shapes,style and smell

HiFive:Which chocolate stands as your identity?

M.Phillippe:The UFO.I call it the UFO because just like the name signifies ,the taste is really out of this world.The ingredients and production specifications are my best.

HiFive:What are your biggest challenges in this Line of business?

M.Phillippe:Copy Cats.I get people(Mostly Locals) walk in here with Cameras,tapes,measurement tools and all sort of electronic devices in an effort to duplicate the whole thing.Also some customers claiming to know more than they actually know about chocolate in a bit to demoralize the venture.

HiFive:And the brand ,you have a fancy design

M.Phillippe:It's my hand writting.The first question I get from customers is"which company designed your logo" ,I just smile and say my hand writing company

HiFive:What do you think about the future of your business and Hefei city in general?

M.Phillippe:I strongly believe great and enormous opportunities lie ahead for everyone here.Having lived here for more than 15years now ,I have seen the worst days of this city .Back in 2002,it was a mere country side .Today it has been transformed into a metropolitan base .So I m very optimistic about my business and strongly encourage all Internationals to stay if it's a plan

HiFive:Any final word for those out there reading from you about your chocolate?

M Philippe:All I can say is TRY IT FOR YOURSELF

About M Phillippe

Born in the French city of corcarneau, Britanny,

FURIC Philippe Joseph Corentin,schooled and worked in France,Germany,Russia and other countries.He first visited China in 1990 while in service and later returned in 2002.Married to a Hefei local,M.Phillip stands out as one of the few long stay Hefei Expats benefiting from their amazing journey to the East.He started as a language teacher and later on diverted into his dream career option of Chocolate making.

Interviewed By DonHills

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